How to Watch Netflix Outside US: A Complete Guide!

How to Watch American Netflix Abroad

Without any doubt, Netflix is the most popular media streaming service. With more than 100 million subscribers, you can’t go wrong if you sign up for an account. However, you might be in for a big disappointment if you access one of the country-specific versions of Netflix. This is because every country has a different catalog of titles. Let’s see why is that and how you can circumvent this? We will tell you how to watch Netflix abroad.

Licensing & Other Obstacles

As said earlier, Netflix has close to 109 million subscribers, according to the latest data. More than half of that number are international customers (users outside the U.S.). We have all been hearing great things about how you can watch the latest movies, TV shows, and anything in between. However, that is not entirely true. Netflix has different catalogs for different countries, where some are more restrictive than others. So, what is that?

The reason for this is restrictions placed on licensing. For example, if some European TV station wants to play an American TV show, it first needs to buy the appropriate license. This allows that particular TV station to play the TV show according to a predefined arrangement. You can see that it’s impossible for Netflix to brings its U.S. library to the whole world.

How to Watch American Netflix Abroad

This problem is especially noticeable in certain parts of the world. For example, Netflix users in Australia have access to 2,400 titles. The U.S. Netflix library brings more than 7,000 titles. This means that Australian user will hardly find the latest and most popular TV shows (even though 2,400 titles isn’t a small feat).

The good news is that we’ll teach you how to bypass Netflix geoblock. Thanks to applications that hide your IP address, we can alter your physical location. Hopefully, this will allow you to watch U.S. Netflix outside the U.S.

How to Watch American Netflix Abroad?

Accessing American Netflix is done via VPN applications. This is currently the most reliable and the easiest method of fooling this media streaming service to think that you’re in the U.S. We’ll first take a look at what are VPN applications and what they do. After that, we’ll provide up-to-date recommendations. By the end of this article, we hope to teach you all you need to know how to unblock American Netflix streams outside.

What Are VPN Applications?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. In the past, VPN were corporate private networks. You can think of them as private Internet networks where outside users were cut off. However, things have changed. These days, VPN applications are incredibly simple to use. All you need to do is to download an application to your device and power it on. It will automatically connect to a VPN network. The main goals of this kind of software are:

  • First and foremost, they change your IP address. In other words, they ‘change’ your physical location. If you connect via an IP located in the U.S., Netflix will believe you’re accessing the service within the U.S.;

How to Watch American Netflix Abroad

  • Next, VPNs keep your protected. We are talking about encrypted Internet connections. As such, they keep away prying eyes and malware injection attempts. You can even use a public Wi-Fi connection and turn it into a fully secure network.

We can spend quite some time talking about VPNs. However, let’s keep this short and skip to what you’re looking for – How to watch American Netflix abroad. If you want to learn more about VPN applications, use the provided link.

Can Netflix Block VPN Applications?

Even though there are some free VPN applications, we strongly recommend picking a premium-priced option. To be clear, VPNs aren’t expensive. They usually cost up to $10 per month if you pay monthly. As you can imagine, paying quarterly, every six months, or yearly will reduce this price. Nonetheless, this is an investment. This triggers certain doubts that we’ll resolve. Continue reading.

Let’s say that you’ve found an amazing deal on a VPN application. However, you are not sure if Netflix can block it in the meantime. That way, your investment would turn out to be less than wise. This is why you need to know that Netflix will never block all VPN applications. Their effectiveness might change or time, but you’ll always have a backup solution.

More than a year ago, Netflix announced that they plan on limiting access from VPNs to their services. However, it is believed that this just a ploy to keep Hollywood officials happy. Even this company’s Chief Product Officer said that Netflix doesn’t know how to stop VPN users. This tells us that there’s nothing to be worried about. Pick a VPN, fire it up and open Netflix on your device. That’s how you can easily watch U.S. Netflix outside the U.S.

Best VPN for Netflix – Our Recommendations

Finally, we have come to our recommendations. We will give you a few options, so you can decide which one works the best for you. You can rest assured knowing that we have tested each of the following options. Let’s jump right in.

Option #1: ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN - How to Watch American Netflix Abroad

Supported Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, Routers.
Pros: Suitable for complete beginners; Doesn’t throttle your Internet connection; Zero-Logs policy.
Cons: More expensive than comparable VPNs.
Price: $12.95 – monthly; $99.95 – yearly.

Our first recommendation is yet another strong contender when it comes how to watch Netflix abroad. ExpressVPN ticks all the right boxes. This is one of the most widely used VPNs across the whole world. It offers unlimited speeds, so you can take full advantage of your Internet connection. This is especially helpful if you want to stream HD or even 4K content available on Netflix. Just like the previous recommendation, it brings wide compatibility with different platforms and devices. In addition, you can connect to the Web via ExpressVPN using multiple devices at the same time.
This VPN is known for its very effective support system. If you’re having issues, you can expect them to be resolved in no time. Finally, you can count on a 30-days money back guarantee. However, we are sure you are going to be more than happy with this software. Here is our ExpressVPN review if you need additional information.

Option #2: NordVPN

Netflix - How to Watch American Netflix Abroad

Supported Platforms: Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.
Pros: Beautiflly designed UI; Offers double routing; Plenty of server locations.
Cons: At times, its speed can vary.
Price: $11.95 – monthly / $69.00 – annually.

In the sea of different VPN application, NordVPN stands out thanks to its ease of use. In case this is your first time using a VPN, you are going to love what this software offers. You can expect a very intuitively designed UI that takes seconds to connect to secure networks. There are dozens of different servers to choose from, located in different countries around the world.
It is also worth mentioning that you can count on lightning-fast speeds. This VPN handles HD and 4K content with ease if your Internet connection allows for that. You can use NordVPN on up to six devices, which is great for top-tier shared Netflix accounts.

Aside from its somewhat higher price, the only downside is this application’s support. As numerous users have noted, it takes up to 48 hours to receive a response. This can be an issue if there’s something preventing you from using Netflix. To find out more, here’s our full review of NordVPN.

Option #3: SaferVPN

How to watch American Netflix abroad - SaferVPN

Supported Platforms: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Routers, Chrome Extension.
Pros: No-logs policy; Highly capable encryption; Reliable performance.
Cons: Great for streaming but not for torrenting.
Price: $4.99 – monthly / $71.70 – annually.

Among VPNs that fully unlock Netflix and its U.S. catalog, SaferVPN stands out. It is one of the most intuitively designed applications of its kind. There is no need to configure or fine-tune its settings. Instead, you simply launch the software and click on ‘Connect’. As such, this is a perfect solution for complete beginners. Nonetheless, advanced users will find this VPN to meet their needs as well. Finally, it is worth saying that this VPN works by cycling between different IP addresses.
SaferVPN is available on every popular system and devices. You can install it on Windows, Macs, Android, and iOS. In addition, there’s a Chrome extension and there’s SaferVPN for routers. As you can see, only Linux users are left out. However, keep on reading since we got more suggestions for you. You can learn more about SaferVPN by using the provided link.

Option #4: TorGuard

How to watch American Netflix abroad - TorGuard

Supported Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS.
Pros: Strong and capable features; Great for torrenting and streaming;
Cons: Not for complete beginners.
Price: $5.95 – monthly; $46.95 – annually.

Now, something for those who like to dive deep into VPN applications. Launched in 2012, TorGuard has become a synonym for a highly complex (and highly capable) VPN. If you’re not afraid to tackle technical terms, this might be an interesting option for you.
When it comes to watching American Netflix abroad, TorGuard does its job very well. However, we have an important note. The basic package of this VPN won’t do the job. Instead, you need to pick the one with a streaming IP feature. Thanks to this tool, you can count on reliable and speedy performance. If your Internet connection allows for HD and 4K streaming, TorGuard is the way to go. Here’s where you can learn more about TorGuard.

Option #5: StrongVPN

How to watch American Netflix abroad - StrongVPN

Supported Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, Chromium OS, iOS, Linux.
Pros: Suitable for streaming; No-logs policy; Great speeds.
Cons: Doesn’t have as many server locations.
Price: $10 – monthly / $69.99 – annualy.

Our final suggestion for using a VPN to unblock Netflix is StrongVPN. Even though this is not the most feature-packed options out there, it stands out for its security.
When it comes to accessing U.S. Netflix outside the U.S., you can be sure that StrongVPN will do the job. With over 650 servers in 25 different countries, you have a lot of choice in front of you. However, this VPN’s performance varies. Sometimes you’ll get HD streaming to work, while at other times you’ll get up to 480p streaming. Once this happens, it’s up to you to switch to a new server. This takes some work, but you’ll get used to this.

Overall, StrongVPN is a viable alternative to our previously mentioned suggestions. It is yet another answer to unblock American Netflix, as said in our review of StrongVPN.

How to Watch American Netflix Outside US via VPN

Assuming you already have an active Netflix subscription, all you need is a VPN. Consider your options, and sign up for an account at one of the recommended VPNs. Then, download its application to your device. Here are the required steps:

  • We highly recommend you to subscribe to an ExpressVPN for unblocking Netflix streams. Once you have a VPN application installed, launch it;
  • Next, you need to select a server, which is an important step. After all, we are talking about how to watch American Netflix abroad. So, select the U.S. and connect;
  • After a couple of seconds, you will be connected. Your IP address will be changed automatically;
  • Finally, go ahead and launch Netflix like you normally would. Sign-in;
  • That’s it! You should be greeted by the world-famous U.S. Netflix library. Enjoy.

How to Watch American Netflix Abroad

Additional Resources

otvetget deals with VPN services in a very detailed manner. With this said, we’d like to provide a few resources we think you’ll find useful. These can help you understand what are VPNs and they can be used.

  • Every VPN is in investment. As such, you need to be careful when picking one. To help you with this task, we’d like to present our VPN Buyer’s Guide.
  • Next, our article on common VPN myths will help you to understand this technology a bit better.
  • Finally, we have also written about VPN protocols and what they mean. This article can be helpful if you really want to dive into this topic.

Final Words

That’s it, folks. This is all you need to know when it comes to how to unblocking Netflix streams abroad. No matter if you’re traveling, or if you live in another country, there’s no reason not to take full advantage of this popular media streaming service.

We hope you’ll manage to make this happen. In case of any issues, you can count on us. Feel free to post a comment using the comments section below this article. As always, we’d appreciate if you could share this article across social networks. Thanks!