SchisM TV Kodi Build – Installation Guide

Schism TV Kodi Build

If there is one thing we all could be sure of is that Humans easily get bored. Similar experiences haunt us like mediocrity, and SchisM TV Kodi Build acknowledges that. Every day, waking up to the same interface can be daunting and that’s why ShisM offers not one, not two, but seven different skins—seven different experiences from the same build. Isn’t that thrilling?

With great skins and user experience, this build also offers some great power. It has a collection of some of the most powerful add-ons on the platform which act as a source for its massive collection of digital streaming content.

Here in this installation guide, we’ll give you step-by-step instructions on how to install SchisM T Build on Kodi from the scratch and introduce some of its major features. let’s begin.

Disclaimer: We will be talking about software developed for Kodi – which is based on open-source code. However, the following software comes from unofficial third-parties. In addition, it is publicly available and free of charge. otvetget doesn’t claim any responsibility for how our readers decide to utilize the following software. Please note that we don’t condone sharing pirated content and copyright infringement. otvetget is not affiliated with the software mentioned in this article in no way. Make sure to carefully read the above-said disclaimer and ensure the proper use of the software.

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Schism TV Kodi Build

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SchisM TV Kodi Build: The Basics

SchisM is an old player when it comes to making builds and stuffing them with wonderful features. In past, SchisM has created some of the topmost builds on the platform and earned itself a respectable name, but at the same time, sadly, it could not maintain its project.

Following the same reason, currently the SchisM Kodi Build is distributed and managed under Drimitology wizard, and because now it’s maintained by responsible and talented developers, it’s a smooth sail and works like swimming in space. We love what schisM TV Kodi Build has done with its interface; it’s refreshing and futuristic, at the same time. While the interface of so-called ‘big players’, Netflix and Amazon Prime, struggle to keep their stability, SchisM TV Kodi Build rides in space.

How to Install the SchisM TV Kodi Build?

Since, SchisM TV build is currently maintained and distributed, as mentioned above, by Dimitrology, we’ll need to add its media sources. Secondly, we will install Dimitrology Wizard to then extract SchisM TV Kodi build from it.

Once we install Dimitrology Wizard, it offers us many builds including SchisM TV. From there, you can easily install the build.

Note: The installation requires a code that you can get from, which you have to simply copy and paste in the field when it’s asked.

Let’s go to step-by-step instructions, but before that, there is an imperative pre-requisite.

Important Note

SchisM TV is a third-party build, and Kodi, by default, doesn’t allow any installation from ‘Unknown sources’, unless we enable it to accept the third party offerings. To stop Kodi from gating these third-party media resources, we need to go to its setting wizard and enable the installations from ‘Unknown Sources.’

It’s a standard step, and if in past you’ve installed any add-on or build, it’s possible that it would already be turned on. If it’s not, here is our quick guide to enable the third-party installations.

Now, the step-by-step instruction to install SchisM TV Kodi Build.

Installation Guide

  • Launch Kodi on your streaming device and from the home screen, go to the ‘gear icon’ at the top left of the menu.

Schism TV Kodi Build

  • Now on the system spread, navigate to File Manager and click on it.

Schism TV Kodi Build

  • You’ll be presented with a listed menu, double-click on Add Source from the list.

Schism TV Kodi Build

  • You’ll be presented with a pop-up screen with two text fields. Now, click on the upper field that says <None>.

Schism TV Kodi Build

Schism TV Kodi Build

  • Go the second text field and input media source name as Dimitrology and click OK.

Schism TV Kodi Build

  • Return to Kodi’s Home Screen and click on Add-ons on the left menu panel.

Schism TV Kodi Build

  • Now on the add-on menu browser, click on the ‘Installation Package’ icon at the top left corner.

Schism TV Kodi Build

  • Now on the listed menu, click on Install from zip file from the list.

Schism TV Kodi Build

  • A pop up will appear, now click on Dimitrology from the list.

Schism TV Kodi Build

  • Now select

Schism TV Kodi Build

  • Wait for the notification at the top left of the screen that says, ‘Add-on installed’.

Schism TV Kodi Build

  • Return to Kodi’s Home Screen and click on Add-ons. Now, hover over Program add-ons on the left menu panel to see Dimitrology TV Wizard. Click on it.

Schism TV Kodi Build

  • Now select Install/Update.

Schism TV Kodi Build

  • Now, you’ll see a pop-up box that will ask for a code, click OK.

Schism TV Kodi Build

Schism TV Kodi Build

  • Input the code in the pop-up box, and click on OK.

Schism TV Kodi Build

  • Now, opt for SchisM TV All in One Krypton Ed version x.x.

Schism TV Kodi Build

  • Click on Yes to confirm.

Schism TV Kodi Build

  • Now, click on Full to clean install the build.

Schism TV kodi build

  • It’ll take few minutes depending on your internet connection.

Schism TV Kodi Build

Congratulation! SchisM TV Kodi Build is successfully installed. Now, force close Kodi and then restart it to use SchisM Kodi Build.

SchisM TV Kodi Build: What to Expect?

With its size of 254 Mb, SchisM TV Kodi Build packages all the top add-ons on the platform to present a powerful source of media consumption for its users. It’s a treat for new Kodi users who don’t want to indulge in repetitive tasks of adding various add-ons one after another to their devices. It’s an all-in-one entertainment platform.

Schism TV Kodi Build

Let’s go through some of the major categories of SchisM TV Kodi Build.


SchisM TV Kodi Build has a huge variety of movies available in its catalog. Best thing is, the movies on this build can be searched and sorted in many different ways, which makes it easy to find what you want to watch. This section of SchisM TV has many useful search features. For say, you can search for movies using its general keyword or a search function and at otvetget when we tested it, we found it quite accurate. Also, you can filter movies with the name of actors and actresses. Cool stuff!

TV Shows

SchisM TV Kodi Build also has a massive selection of both old and new TV shows. As with movies section, here too there are several ways to search and filter these TV shows to jump to what you want to watch. These filters make it easy for users to browse through 100s of top-rated TV shows, and sort based on networks, popularity, genres and more.

Live TV

LIVE TV is one of the most popular features on Schism TV Kodi Build. It can stream live TV from both the US and the UK. You can find all the major networks cleanly aligned in this section of the build. In essence, Live TV section of Schism TV Kodi build allows you to bring different networks and streamers together in one place, so you can finish them on a single platform.

Kids Corners

Every build deserves a kid section, and in Schism TV Kodi Build, it holds a unique place. This category is tailor-made for kids and has features like Family Movies, Youtube Gaming and some of the Most Popular Kids Shows. This category is easy to navigate, and it only features family-friendly movies and TV shows. If there are kids around you, this feature suddenly becomes an attractive deal.

Sports Center

In this category of Schism TV Kodi Build, you can access live scores and archived highlights of sports from your favorite leagues. To name a few, the archive includes NHL, Rugby, MLB, NBA, NFL, and a variety of leagues of different sports, from around the world. This category is a great store for all your sports cravings.

Additional Resources: What’s Next?

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  • SpinzTV Kodi Build: This build is an old gun that we all have used, at least once, during our Kodi experience. It’s stable and well maintained, and a must-keep.

Final Words

Schism TV Kodi Build is a good boy who has its pocket filled with a variety of features. With its massive catalog of streaming content, searching tools, and easy navigation,it’s our top choice under good looking and functional builds.

Highly recommended!

And like always, thank you for reading.

Kindly use our comment section to share your questions and thoughts. Also, share this installation guide with your peers, if you found this guide useful because as the cliché runs on the internet, sharing is caring.