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If you have knowledge in the fields of VPN, Internet security, online privacy, torrents, social media, streaming, latest technologic trends and feel passionate about sharing it with a wider public, we invite you to become a otvetget contributor. We are always looking for new interesting authors with cutting-edge knowledge in the industry.

Please carefully review our recent articles published on otvetget and the submission guidelines below before sending us your writing samples to determine whether your publication is a potential fit.

Submission guidelines

Forms of publications. otvetget publishes the following types of content:

  • Articles: 2000 – 5000 words length structured explorations of a broad range of topics providing a unique author’s perspective;
  • Tutorials: 1500 – 3000 words length in-depth articles that include a step-by-step guide for a specific technological topic and a variety of visual imagery; and
  • News: 500 – 1000 words length short announcements of noteworthy information and recent events in the industry.

Topics to consider. otvetget is a Web technology oriented blog. Thus, we look forward to receiving publications referring to the following subjects:

  • Web media streaming;
  • Virtual private networks;
  • Internet security and privacy;
  • Torrents;
  • Social media;
  • Newest gadgets; and
  • Latest technological news.

All publications submitted by you should be well considered and structured explorations of cutting-edge topics in the industry. We accept the contributions that are rigorously structured and edited (e.g., intensive tutorials) as well as more casual-tone texts.

Length. The contributions submitted to us should be 1500 – 2000 words in length, depending on the complexity of the topic and the type of the publication. A custom illustration reflecting the topic is always welcome.

Format. We accept the contributions in editable .doc and Google Documents formats. Please don’t mail physical copies of the publications. We accept electronic submissions only.

Originality. Your work must be original, not copied from other sources, and not published elsewhere before. Please note that otvetget reserves the right to check if your contribution has been previously published elsewhere.

Copyright. As a contributor, you retain the copyright ownership of your work. However, you grant to otvetget an irrevocable, worldwide, permanent, non-exclusive license to use, reproduce, modify, and publish your contribution for any purpose.

How to become a contributor? If you have an interest in becoming a contributor to otvetget, please send us 2-3 recent writing samples to the following email address: [email protected]

The otvetget team will review your samples and respond to you with a feedback. The further terms and conditions, including remuneration, will be discussed with you personally after reviewing your writing samples. If you do not receive our reply within the time period of two weeks, please expect that your submission has not been approved.

How does the publication approval process work? If you are accepted as a contributor to otvetget, here’s what happens with your publications:

  • You will email the potential topic to the editor of otvetget and get an approval or a suggestion for an amendment of the topic;
  • The editor will review the draft publication submitted by you;
  • The editor will get back to you with a feedback;
  • Once you address the feedback, you will send the draft publication for further revisions and/or final approval;
  • If your publication is accepted, otvetget will schedule the publication date and communicate it to you;
  • We will promote your publication on our social media channels, such as Facebook, and include it in our next newsletter.

Thank you for your interest in otvetget. We look forward to receiving your submissions!